Sunday, 22 May 2011

To good to be true?

Yes girl! I've treated myself to real hair extensions! I really wanted long hair for prom but having short hair it would have taken years to grow! so I popped down to Watford where I was recommended by a friend who was pleased the way her hair turned out and came home with these! I'm amazed how the colouring matches perfectly! and being £9.50 each hair piece I couldn't go wrong. I would recommend them myself as they are cheaper then Sally's and other hair extension places. They are just opposite John Lewis and River Island with a range of colours and designs!

Two prom hair designs I really like! I like the way (on image 1) how the hair is curled to one side and (on image 2) how the hair is off the face but not to tight, quite lose. 

My little trip to Watford..

The woman that works in Lush said that the Herbausm is great for oily skin and breakouts! just what I need as I have terrible skin. I wanted something that can control my oil for prom as I don't want to be shiny in pictures. She also mentioned about using a moisturiser that contains natural stuff like Aloe Vera, that helps prevent oily skin as well. The lip scrub was just a little treat which so far seems to be making my lips feel soft, but I've only used these once so I'm no expert on how these might turn out so I will keep you up-to-date. Thank you :) 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I tried this beauty on today! Not to keen on it but hey-ho thought I'll give it ago! If I wore this to proms I'd die. I really dislike big, in your face dresses which is why I picked my lovely plain, cream maxi dress :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My prom dress

I thought that I'll play about with this and upload a picture of my prom dress. I know it's a bit plan but I love it personally, I'm not to sure on shoe's and accessories, I've already got a clutch bag but my parents didn't think it suited the dress.

This is the link to the clutch bag I've brought but not to sure on: